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Check out this cool compilation of free stencil fonts that you can put to good use in your designs.

Stencil artwork uses a template to create an outline for a specific design. It’s a familar technique in design, from its use by military and government to quickly and clearly label objects, vehicles, and locations to industrial and commercial settings and its use in street art by the likes of Banksy.
When it comes to typography, there’s a wealth of stencil fonts online for creatives to use in their designs. Here, we’ve scoured the internet to find free fonts in the stencil style that will help give your designs an authentic, handcrafted feel.

01. Stela UT

 Stela UT
The regular weight is available as a free download

Stela UT is a layered font, influenced by the stencil form. It was designed by Spanish based independent graphic design studio Wete, who love all things typography and editorial, and comes in a number of layers. The studio have offered up the regular edition as a free download.

02. Scriber

Scriber stencil comes with 250 characters

Scriber Stencil is a single weight, free stencil font consisting of 250 characters, manual kerning and Euro symbol. Designed by Newcastle creative director Jonathan Hill, Scriber is a gorgeous take on the stencil format. Hill also has a wide range of other fonts on his website.

03. Butcher

Download free stencil font Butcher for use in any personal work

Butcher is a new modern serif, stencil typeface that’s available to download for free if you’re using it for personal use. This free stencil font was designed by graphic design student William Bayley Suckling, who specialises in a wide range of fun fonts.

04. Playtime

Play with these puzzle-like letters with the playtime stencil font

The Playtime Typeface is a font with five different styles – regular, bold, rounded, rounded bold, and cutouts. It works like a puzzle: you can seamlessly slide the the type together and experiment with some truly unique figures. This free stencil font was designed by John Skelton.

05. Kaine

Kaine is inspired by Spaghetti Western films

Kaine is a bold slab-serif typeface influenced by Spagetti Western posters of the 1960s. The grid template is based on Welt Extra Bold from Letraset with detailed changes, additional characters and new style variations. This free stencil font is ideal for use on print, web, motion, t-shirts and apparel; details include 250 characters, manual kerning and Euro symbol.

06. Popcorn

Popcorn by Billy Argel. Image © Billy Argel

Type designer Billy Argel has created numerous different fonts, many of which he generously offers as a free download for artists to use in their personal work, including this cool, cinema-inspired font. Commercial licenses for this full font are available from the designer, which includes a cool sketch version of Popcorn.

07. Octin Stencil

 Octin Stencil
Octin Stencil by Ray Larabie. Image © Typodermic Fonts

Octin Stencil was designed by Ray Larabie of Typodermic Fonts. Larabie comments on his creation: “This font is a tough headliner in seven weights: light, book, regular, semi-bold, heavy & black. Octin Stencil is perfect for police, sports, prison, construction, school or military themes.” This typeface is free to download however, donations to the author are, as always, greatfully received.

08. LeArchitect

LeArchitect by Manfred Klein

LeArchitect is the creation of type designer Manfred Klein. Based in Frankfurt, Klein worked as a type setter and in advertising for decades before he became involved in creating typefaces. Klein has many of his creations available to download online, inclduing this army-style, free stencil font.

09. Fine Stencil

 Fine Stencil
Fine Stencil by VNBC

This thin font by graphic designers VNBC is one of 24 designs, which, collectively, have amassed nearly half a million downloads. This typeface includes a simple set of uppercase letters, numbers and the odd special character. It’s free, but donations to the author can be made at the time of download.

10. Kaiser

Kaiser by Jeff Canham

San Francisco-based Jeff Canham is an artist, graphic designer and traditional sign painter. He is also the man behind this bold stencil font Kaiser. The free download includes a full set of uppercase characters and a selection of special characters.

11. Gunplay

Gunplay by Ray Larabie

This bold, free stencil font was created by type designer Ray Larabie of Typodermic Fonts. Larabie explains: “Gunplay is a hard-nosed stencil font inspired by the poster for the 1972 Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw film, The Getaway.”

12. DOCK 51

 DOCK 51
DOCK 51 by Imagex Fonts

Free for personal use only, this cool DOCK 51 font was created by Imagex Fonts. One of over 200 designs by the company, this font includes a full set of uppercase letters, numbers 0-9 and various special characters.

13. Stencilla

Stencilla by Otto Maurer

Developed by typeface designer Otto Maurer, this free stencil font includes a full set of uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. Maurer has also made this download free for both personal and commercial use.

14. Boston Traffic

 Boston Traffic
Boston Traffic by Vic Fieger

Designer Vic Fieger is the man behind this free stencil font. The busy artist has over 60 designs available for download on the archive of free fonts Dafont. This Boston Traffic design is available for both personal and commercial use.

15. Due Date

 Due Date
Due Date by Dieter Steffman

Typeface designer Dieter Steffman has over 120 fonts available to download on Font Space and many more on his website. This particular free stencil font, created in 2003, is available for both personal and commercial use.

16. Sistemas

Sistemas by Manuel Lage

This cool Sistemas font design was created by type designer Manuel Lage. This is one of 15 typefaces developed by Lage, which collectively have amassed over 1.7 million downloads. This particular design is free for both personal and commercial use.

17. Top Secret

 Top Secret
Top Secret by Magique Fonts

For all your top secret documentation, check out this classic military stencil design by Koczman Bálint of Magique Fonts. With over a million downloads, this typeface is free for both personal and commercial use.

18. Urban Sketch

 Urban Sketch
Urban Sketch by Nils von Blanc

This Urban Sketch typeface, created by designer Nils Von Blanc, was inspired by Ray Larabie and his Gunplay Font. A popular free stencil font, it has amassed nearly 900,000 downloads since its release. It’s free for personal use only.

19. Cargocrate

Cargocrate by Mickey Rossi

Designer Mickey Rossi is the man behind this stylish free stencil font. Rossi has multiple type designs available for download on Urban Fonts. This particular creation is available for both personal and commercial use.

20. Stardos Stencil

 Stardos Stencil
Stardos Stencil by Vernon Adams

Vernon Adams of New Typography is the designer behind this classic stencil font. The free stencil font, which includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, number and special characters, is available for both personal and commercial use.


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