This subtle redesign of Flickr’s logo includes the colours of the also-recently revamped Yahoo! brand identity.

The ‘new’ Flickr logo design adds the famous the Yahoo! purple

If you’re a regular user of photography site Flickr, you might have noticed something a little different over the past few days. However, if you haven’t you’d be forgiven, as this difference is as subtle as it gets.
In an effort to crowbar in the reknowned identity of owner Yahoo! – who bought the site this year – the original magenta ‘r’ has been replaced with Yahoo!’s signature purple colouring.

new flickr logo
The original Flickr logo design with magenta ‘r’

This simple change of colour has totally re-emphasised the brand, with the ‘flick’ now much more prominent and the ‘r’ taking a back seat. But what do you think? Is this a clever way of incorporating the Yahoo! brand into Flickr without steering too far away from the original design? Or is it completely pointless? Let us know!

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