Photo Edit Color Effects

Today we will have a photo edit tutorial and sure, it is simple and easy to follow as usual. I think you may see this in many music album CD cover and some artist poster or wallpaper. Ok, let’s start then.
This is the photo that I found in Google image.

Step 1

Open the image in PS.

Step 2

Go to the bottom of the layers palette and click on the Hue/Saturation option. Set the setting as below:

Step 3

After that, you may get this:

Step 4

Create a new layer and set it to Soft Light Blend mode. Choose a 48px hard brush and paint the new layer as shown below. You can choose the colors you like.

Step 5

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > 90 pixels.

Step 6

Yup, you’re done! It’s easy and now you can edit your photo yourself easily. Thanks!


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