Tiny characters promote Coke’s new mini bottles

Pitchi Poy Animation creates 3D mini-mes in new promotional campaign for Coca-Cola Israel’s mini-bottle.Coca-Cola Israel recently launched its new mini-bottle by offering 3D printed mini versions of consumers. To promote the new campaign, Pitchi Poy Animation Productions created this brilliant new spot, which features mischievous mini versions of four friends at a basketball field, who magically pop out of their mini bottles.

Created in collaboration with ad agency Dahaf1 and Gustavo Productions, the Pitchi Poy team co-developed the concept and script, before producing the entire spot.

The PItchi Poy team had just three weeks to produce the brilliant spot

A mixture of live-action and CG, the team had just three weeks to bring the production to life.  CEO and art director Noam Meshulam explains: “To accommodate the tight schedule, we started modeling as soon as casting was finished, we rigged and started animating with proxies before the finished models were approved, used scripts to facilitate the rigging process and generally tried to get as much progress done before moving to each consecutive step in the pipeline.”

Open-source software Blender was used to create all of the 3D elements of the spot

All of the project’s 3D aspects were carried out using open-source software Blender. ” We’ve been using Blender for all 3D tasks for two years now, and we are very pleased with its capabilities and stability” says TD Dima Kondrashov. “It keeps getting better every day and its open architecture makes it endlessly extensible”.

Coca-Cola mini campaign

This article originally appeared in 3D World magazine

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